Thank you for your interest in becoming a speaker for Upledger Institute International (UII). Speaking engagements can provide you with opportunities to raise awareness about UII taught modalities in your community, drive business to your practice and earn additional income.

As one of our alumni there are a number of speaking opportunities available for you to consider based on your UII education and experience.

Current Qualified Presenters

Current Qualified Presenters


Learn more about the qualifications to become a speaker.

Speaker Qualifications

Speaker's Packet

We've also customized Speaker's Packets for each of our core modalities. These packets include information such as Frequently Asked Questions, UII history, and articles. Click here to download information from these packets.

Speaker's Packet

Marketing Materials

Once you become a speaker you can download support materials directly from this site by selecting one of the items from our drop down menu on the left under Speakers. Here you'll find UII forms, customizable flyers, sample press releases and confirmation letters.

If you experience difficulty downloading or customizing the flyers, contact the Business Development Department at 1-800-233-5880 / 561-622-4334 or speakers@upledger.com.

Presenters Manual & Marketing Kit

Created for your convenience, this manual is full of ideas and tools that can help you set up, market and carry out a successful speaking engagement. Within it you will find a list of presenter options available to you based on your education and experience as a UII alumnus.

We've also included information on how to organize and promote your workshop, as well as what type of support you can receive from UII when presenting. Our goal is to help you create successful presentations that raise awareness about the work you're doing, drive business to your practice and allow you to earn additional income as a progressive-thought leader in your community.

The manual also contains a number of forms, templates for press releases and confirmation letter samples to help you work with us and create a professional presentation. Customizable flyers and outlines are also available from the dropdown menu to the left under Speakers, but are not included in this manual. Course outlines are password protected and passwords can be obtained by contacting the Business Development Department at 1-800-233-5880 / 561-622-4334 or speakers@upledger.com.

Presenters Manual & Marketing Kit


For your convenience, we've included three forms that will be useful to you as a UII presenter.

The Class Addition & Speaking Engagement Forms can be used for two purposes: 1) If you are hosting an Upledger ShareCare, CSTO, or CSTI, please complete the entire first page of this form. 2) If you are presenting a one to six hour speaking engagement in your community (approved presentation lengths depend upon the topic presented), please fill out the Presenter Information at the top of page one only, then complete all of page two.

The Registration Form is provided to help you capture the necessary information when taking registrations for your UII workshop.

The W-9 Form is a government form necessary for any presenter receiving funds from UII. If you are not expecting a check from us, there is no need for you to print and submit this form.

Class/Speaking Engagement Addition Form

Registration Form



Here are flyers that you're able to customize with your name and the date, time, location and details of your workshop. These flyers are created in Microsoft Word and should be easy to update with your information.

We recommend that you use these flyers to promote your event and increase registrations by displaying them at local schools, hospitals, clinics, health food stores and health fairs. They can also be inserted in direct mail pieces or area healthcare newsletters.

ShareCare Flyer

CSTI Flyer

CSTO Flyer

Press Releases

Press Releases can be a great way to get the word out about an upcoming event in your community. Customize these press releases and send them to your local newspapers, healthcare magazines and community newsletters (check with them first to confirm printing deadlines).

You should also register your event with community events calendars offered in your area.

ShareCare Press Release

CSTO Press Release

Confirmation Letters

Use confirmation letters to let your registrants know that their space has been reserved in your upcoming workshop. We highly recommend sending these forms out as soon as you receive registrations. If a registrant has an outstanding balance for your class, you can include this information in the letter, or send them a bill along with the confirmation letter.

For your convenience, UII is also able to take registrations for your upcoming workshop. We have the ability to accept all major credit cards and handle all confirmation letters and billing details for you if you choose this option. There is a 12.5% handling fee on registrations taken by UI. You will be paid all registration fees due you (less handling fee) after UII has received your final class roster.

Please Note: UII must have your W-9 form on file to be paid your registration fees.

ShareCare Confirmation Letter

CSTO Confirmation Letter

CSTI Confirmation Letter

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