Study and Practice Groups

Study and Practice Groups

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Study groups are conducted in a variety of formats, depending on the needs of the group. The ideas are general and can be tailored to suit any study group focus.

  • The most successful study groups are member-driven. They encourage active participation, hands-on practice and question-and-answer periods, all facilitated by two or three more advanced therapists, such as teaching assistants or teachers.
  • We recommend holding an informal gathering once a month for two or three months at a time. Most study group members prefer to begin at 7 or 8 p.m. on week nights, studying and practicing for roughly three to four hours each time.
  • Start a study group by choosing a topic. After reviewing the topic of the evening, have participants split up into groups of two or three to trade sessions, specifically working on the aspect of therapy that was covered in the earlier discussion. Be flexible on where this practice takes you.
  • Once participants finish trading sessions, gather the group together again for a follow-up question-and-answer period. This is an excellent opportunity to share experiences and ideas that are immediately applicable to the therapy.

Important Points to Remember...

  • Study groups are a group-driven process. As a leader, you're there to provide a broad framework. Allow the group to define their needs within that format, and respond in that direction.
  • Study groups are designed to review material and techniques already presented and are not an environment to teach new material.
  • Be prepared to tailor a topic to all members' skill levels.
  • Many study group leaders also find it helpful to charge a nominal fee such as $10 per session or $50 for six sessions. The fee helps offset any costs incurred by the study group leaders (such as copies or refreshments). In addition, it tends to encourage a more active commitment from the attending members.

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