The Upledger Institute provides the highest level of training and support for their certified instructors. Our standard of excellence is shared by all of our instructors, allowing us to maintain our reputation as leaders in the field of light-touch therapy.

Instructor Classes Taught Country Languages
Nadia Felix PT, CST-D CS1 Argentina Spanish
Erin Riley CST-D CS1, CS2 Australia English
Kristiane Heidrich PT, CST-D CS1 Australia English, German
Anita Hebenstreit PT CS1 Austria German
Astrid Chaloupka PT CS1, CS2 Austria German
Marianne Fruhmann ADV1, CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2 Austria German, English
Marianne Schauperl CST-D ADV1, CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2 Austria German
Sabine Bauer-Mittermayr PT CS1, CS2, CSP1 Austria German
Ully Fabian-Rielder MD CS1, CS2 Austria German, English
Marc Van der Straeten D.O. CS1, CS2, SER1 Belgium French, Dutch
Janaina Rosa Paiva PT, CST-D CS1 Brazil Spanish, English
Renee Lutz MS, RPT, CST-D CS1, CS2, CSP1 Brazil Spanish, English, Portuguese
Nina Chernick BA, RMT, CST-D CS1, CS2, SCIN, SER1 Canada English
Helena Touskova, PT, CST-D CS1 Czech Republic Czech, English
Thomas Rasmussen Ph.D, MCS, CST-D CS1, CS2, TBS1, TBS2 Denmark Danish, English
Artur Doszko PT CS1 Germany German
Astrid Laasch PT CS1, CS2, CSP1 Germany German
Davy Schneider CS1. CS2 Germany German
Frank Gelber CS1, CS2, SER1 Germany German
Friederike Groot Landeweer CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2, ADV1, ADV2, CSP1, CSP2 Germany German
Gert Groot Landeweer PT, CST-D CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2, ADV1, ADV2, TBS1, CSP1, CSP2 Germany German, English
Iris Weschke CS1 Germany German, English
Margarete Landgraf CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2, ADV1, ADV2, CSP1, CSP2 Germany German
Rene Assink DO, PT, CST-D, BI-D CS1, CS2, CSP1, CSP2, SER1, SER2 Germany German, English
Rene Slomp PT, CST-D CS1 Germany German
Stefan Hoppner CST-D CS1, CS2 Germany German
Susanne Koopmann CS1 Germany German
Susanne Riedler CS1, CS2 Germany German
Thomas Gross CST-D CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2 Germany German
Orsolya Gabriel CST-D, N.P., P.T. CS1, CS2, CSP1, SER1, SICS Hungary Hungarian, English
Erla Olafsdottir PT CS1, CS2, SER1 Iceland Icelandic, English
Ger Swords MT, Reiki CS1, CS2 Ireland English
Paul O'Malley Ac, Sp. M., CST-T CS1 Ireland English
Gadi Nelinger PT CS1, CS2 Israel English, Hebrew
Anna Chiara Bosi CST-D CS1, CS2, SER1 Italy Italian
Diego Maggio DO ADV, ADV2, CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2, TBS1 Italy Italian, English
Massimiliano Lodola, CST-D CS1, CS2 Italy Italian
Patricia Quirini CST-D CS1, CS2, CSIR, SER1, SER2, ADV1 Italy Italian
Keiichi Hagiwara B. App. Sc (Comp. Med), M. Ost. MRO(J) CS1 Japan Japanese
Koichi Hiratsuka MRO(J) CS2 Japan Japanese
Takeshi Honma MRO(J) CS1, CS2 Japan Japanese
Margarita Soberon Mainero CST-D CS1, CS2 Mexico Spanish, English
Hans Huikeshoven CST-D CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2, ADV1 Netherlands Dutch, English
Hendrik Meldrum PT, OMT, CST-D CSIR, ADV1, ADV2 Netherlands Dutch, English
Karin van Deelen, Fysiotherapeut, CST-D CS1 Netherlands Dutch
Maarten Slutter PT, CST-D CS1, CS2 Netherlands Dutch
Monique Volkering PT, CST-D CS1, CS2, SER1 Netherlands Dutch, English
Ton Bottema D.O., CST-D SER1, SER2, ADV1, ADV2 Netherlands Dutch, English
Xanthe Ashton BSc(Hons) CST CS1 New Zealand English
Herbert M. Carty MT, CST-D CS1, CS2, CACS, CASR, CAAD Peru Spanish, English
Ana Rita Benamor Murteira DO, CST-D CS1 Portugal Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish
Cristina Serelho Lopes DO, CST CS1 Portugal Portuguese
Jose Campos DO., BSc., CST-D CS1, CS2, SER1 Portugal Portuguese, English
Nuno Jose Nunes da Costa DO BAEC, BAES, BAER Portugal Portuguese, English
Mihaela Gugu CST-D CS1 Romania English
Fernando Barea Perez DO, TO, CST-D CS1, CS2 Spain Spanish
Jose Luis Perez Batlle DO, CST-D CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2 Spain English, Spanish
Mario Jose Vega Hernandez, DO CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2 Spain Spanish
Matthias Moesle MA, CST-D CS1, CS2, SER1 Switzerland German, Italian, English, French
Alison Harvey DC, CST-D,BI-D, AK CS1, CS2, VM1 United Kingdom English
Caroline Barrow CST-D CAAD, CACS, CASR, CS1, CS2 United Kingdom English
Fiona Gilbraith MCSP, CST-D, MCSS CS1, CACS, CASR United Kingdom English
Joe Gore DO, CST-D, MCSS CS1, CACS, CASR United Kingdom English
John S. Page CST-D, MCSS CS1, CS2, SER1 United Kingdom English
Margaret Gill CST-D, MCSS CS1, CS2, SER1, SER2, CACS, CASR, CAAD United Kingdom English
Nikki Kenward (formerly Campbell) CST-D, MCSS CAAP, CACP, CS1, CLSB United Kingdom English
Avadhan Larson LAc, LMT, CST-D, RCST, SEP CS1, CS2, CSP1, SER1, SER2, TBS, TBS2, ADV, CACS, CASR, CAAD United States English
Binaifer Bugli PT, CST-D CS1, CSP1 United States English
Carol McLellan CMT, CST-D CCBP1, CCPB2, CS1, CSP1, CSP2, SCIN, SICS United States English
Chas Perry Ph.D., CST-D ADV1, ADV2, ADV3, BADA, BAEA, BAER, BAES, CAAD, CASR, SER1, SER2 United States English
Claudia Silva, RPT, CST-D CS1, CSP1, CSP2, CACP, SCIN, CSTO, CSTI United States English, Spanish, Portuguese
Dick Larson Certified Advanced Rolfer CAAD, CACS, CASR, CS1, CS2, SCIN United States English
Eric Moya L.M.T., CST-D CS1, CS2, CSD United States English
Frederick Stahlman PT, CST-D CS1, CS2, SCIN United States English
Joanna Haymore OTR/L, CMT, CST-D DDCSP United States English
Jonathan Gissel MS, L.Ac. UMAC1 United States English
Judy Blix P.T., CST-D CS1, CS2, SCIN, SER1 United States English
Karen Axelrod NCTMB, CST-D CS1, CS2, CSCN1, CSIR, CSTI United States English
Karyn Quraishy MSPT, CST-D CS1, CCPB1, SICS United States English
Kat Perry CST-D BADA, BAEC, BAEI, BAER, BAES, CASR United States English
Kenneth Koles Ph.D, LAc, DSc UMAC, UMAC2, UMAC3 United States English
Kimberly Painter PT, LMT, CST-D CS1, CCPB1 United States English
Lisa Desrochers DPT, MS, PT, ATC, CST-D CACS, CS1, CS2 United States English
Lori Chinitz PT, CST-D DDCSP United States English
LuviaJane Swanson D.C., CST-D CS1, CS2 United States English
Mable B. Sharp MS, PT, CM, CST CS1, SCIN United States English
Mariann Sisco PT, CST-D CS1, CS2, TBS1, SCIN, CSTO, CSTI United States English
Melinda Naye CMT, CST-D CACS, CS1, CCPB1, CSTI, CSTO, SER1 United States English
Melinda Roland M.A., P.T., L.Ac., O.M.D., Dipl-Ac, CST-D CS1, SER1 United States English
Michael Morgan LMT, CST-D CS1, CS2, CSLAD, CSLRAP, CACS, CASR, SCIN United States English
Miranda Warburton Ph.D., CST-D BAEC United States English
Rebecca Flowers OTR, BCP, CST-D CAAP, CCPB1, CS1, CSP1, CSP2, SCIN, SICS United States English
Rebecca M. Ridge PhD., L.M.T., CST-D CACS, SER1 United States English
Sandra Howlett DC, CST-D, CAC, EFCL ESE1, ESE2, ESE3, ESE4, ESSA1, CAESE, ESEINT United States English
Shyamala Strack OTR/L, CST-D CS1, CS2 United States English
Signy Erickson DC, LMT, CST-D CS1, CS2, CSD, CSTI, CSTO United States English
Stan Gerome LMT, CST-D ADV1, SER1, SER2, SERTIP United States English
Susan Cotta PT, MSPT, CST CS1 United States English
Susan Steiner OTR/L, CST-D ADV1, ADV2, CS1, SCIN, SER2, CATP, CAAD United States English
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CST-D, CMT CS1, CS2, HFAE1, HFAE2, HFCH, HFEP, HFFBP, HFRR, HFTR, SER1, CSIR United States English
Tad Wanveer LMT, CST-D CS1, CS2, CTTB1, CTTB2 United States English
Tim Hutton PhD, LMP, CST-D CAAD, CACS, CASR, CS1, CS2, CSIR, CSIRAB, CSIRTH, SCIN, SER1, TBS1 United States English

Upledger's CranioSacral Ombudsmen and Project Ambassadors

These exceptional and seasoned practitioners take an active role in monitoring and enhancing the Upledger Institute's educational initiatives, as well as creating and developing new applications for CranioSacral Therapy, and materials and support thereof. Ombudsman and Project Ambassadors.

International Affiliates

  * Denotes Satellite
Argentina Australia Austria Belarus Belgium Bolivia, Plurinational State of Brazil Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea, Republic of Latvia Lithuania Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russian Federation Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Uruguay Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of