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Providing World-Class CranioSacral Therapy (CST) Education Developed by Dr. John E. Upledger

For over 35 years, Upledger Institute International (UII) has been training manual therapists in evidence-informed and evidence-based disciplines. Our disciplines and techniques have been shown to increase the effectiveness of client treatments thus helping our alumni rapidly expand their therapy practices. Supporting over 132,000 manual therapists in 122 countries with acclaimed healthcare education, UII continues the work developed by renowned healthcare innovator, Dr. John E. Upledger. His development of CST earned him an international reputation and established him as a leader in integrative, whole-person, manual therapy education, clinical services, and on-going research.

Dr. Upledger coined the term "CranioSacral Therapy" in the 1970s while developing this manual therapy. TIME Magazine named him one of America's "Next Wave of Innovators" for his clinical applications of CranioSacral Therapy. UII offers Dr. Upledger's research, experience, and therapy disciplines via in-person and virtual high-quality education programs to help people around the world.

Through scientific studies, Dr. Upledger explored the little-understood craniosacral system and its relationship to the wellbeing of a person. Dr. Upledger went on to develop CST and other complementary disciplines that are now taught to healthcare professionals through UII's educational programs.

With an ever-expanding range of training courses, UII provides an innovative curriculum that will help you to continue to transform your passion into a life-long, fulfilling career. Join us as we continue to advance health care through client-focused, manual therapy that optimizes health and well-being.

Dedicated To The Natural Enhancement Of Health

Dedicated to the Natural Enhancement of Full-body Health

Providing world-class CST education while supporting the overall therapeutic philosophies of CST Developer, Dr. John E. Upledger.

Through every course, UII is committed to offering practitioners effective instruction on noninvasive manual therapies, so they can share the gift of health with their clients. Building upon its more than 35-year history, UII continues to explore, filter, and conduct scientific research related to the craniosacral system to share the most relevant knowledge about the craniosacral system and the applications of CST.

It is the belief of UII that people are gifted by nature with ingenious methods and processes by which they survive and function amid a wide variety of changing demands that are placed upon them by both internal and external environmental conditions. Further, we believe that the best methods and processes of adaptation to these various demands are inherent within each person. When a person demonstrates signs of faltering adaptive ability, we believe that it is very important to search for, discover, and then offer support to these natural adaptive processes, so that the person becomes better able to function and closer to optimal health.

This approach to health enhancement may be considered facilitative rather than curative or palliative. This equates to the enhancing self-healing, which is the basis for CST.

Critically Acclaimed CST Educational Programs

Few, if any, light-touch-therapy training venues have received as much critical acclaim as that received by Upledger Institute International. The reason is clear — it's where practitioners go to learn CST from the source of Dr. Upledger's developments and curriculum.

With education from UII, you gain a lifelong resource for exceptional continuing education and professional support. Curriculums are designed by the modality developer or top leaders in the field — and contact hours meet many continuing education unit (CEU) requirements. You gain hands-on training in workshops so that you can confidently begin helping your clients who have a wide range of health challenges. Our seminars offer a high degree of individual attention by our teachers and teaching assistants by ensuring an optimal participant-to-staff ratio.

Receiving your training and Certification from UII prepares you to expand your clinical practice by immediately being able to apply the work with your clients.

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Meet the Minds Behind Cst

Meet the Minds Behind CST

Learn from our faculty members who are committed to your success.

The international teaching team of Upledger Institute International is composed of DOs, MDs, DCs, PTs, OTs, NDs, MTs, ATs, and LAcs. The UII faculty are leaders in their fields. Each has been chosen for their academic and professional achievements, as well as for the advanced clinical skills they demonstrate. They are seasoned practitioners who love to teach and share their passion for this work.

And through our knowledgeable administration team, UII also provides career-long support for our alumni. Like our faculty, our administration team is devoted to the mission of enhancing person-centered care that optimizes health and well-being.

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