Case Studies for Diplomate Certification

Goals of Case Studies Submitted for Diplomate Certification

  • Case studies are beneficial in your exam preparation.
  • Provide forum for individuals to present their experiences and enhance professional development.
  • Responsibility of a profession to forward the field and gain further acceptance.
  • Share information - will be of interest to others.
  • Make CST available and understandable to as many people as possible.

* If you do not wish to have select or any of your case studies posted, please see section below on Case Study Submission Waiver.

What is the required format for Case Studies for Diplomate Certification?

Case studies should be turned in for review in Word document form via email to prior to the student's on-site testing with an examiner.

  • Suggested length: 1 page each (*you may exceed one page if you wish)
  • Case Number: 1 - 5
  • Therapist: Your name
  • Therapist: Your profession
  • Title for Case Study: Briefly describe your case (e.g. Auto Accident Neck Pain and CST)
  • Date: Last date of treatment
  • Patient: Age and gender
  • Symptoms: Presenting symptoms and/or diagnosis
  • Evaluation at each session
  • Treatment: Findings during evaluation, treatment techniques and procedures used, and number of treatments applied (Objective findings: recommended)
  • Outcome: Results
  • Discussion
  • HIPAA compliant: When writing your case studies, please ensure they do not include real or full names and/or distinguishing factors that could be used to identify a patient
  • Here is an example of a CS case
  • Submission waiver: students must also provide waiver stating UII can or cannot use their case studies in our databases and social media by filling out Case Submission Waiver

If you wish to take your cases a step further, while not required for certification, Upledger Institute International encourages publication of cases, as it furthers the credibility of this body of work, and makes more therapists aware of the potential of CST. ONLY IF you wish to have your case reports considered for publication, please use our Suggested Case Report for Publication Format. If you do not wish to use your cases for anything other than certification, please use the format listed above.

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