Beyond the Dura 2015

April 22-25, 2015
Jupiter, Florida

Meet The Presenters and Contributors

Here are our scheduled presenters and contributors you will see at our Beyond the Dura 2015 Conference.

Suzanne Aderholt


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Suzanne received a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy from TWU in 1992, and a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from the University of South Florida in 1982. She is Technique and Diplomate Certified in CranioSacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute, and a Team Leader for Integrative Pediatric Therapy (IPT) in Dallas, Texas’s CranioSacral Therapy program. She is also the recipient of the World CranioFacial Foundation's 2003 SMILE award, for her work with conjoined Egyptian twins Ahmed & Mohammed Ibrahim. Before entering pediatrics, Suzanne worked with patients in acute care and rehabilitation centers.

Rene Assink


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Born 1958 in Neede, Netherlands and lived in Lübeck, Germany since 1986, Rene’ is and Osteopath, Physiotherapist B.Sc., Clinical Chemical Analyst B.Sc., CST-D and VM-D. He is a Co-CEO of the Upledger- and Barral-Institute Germany and is a Co-CEO of the OGD (Osteopatic Society Germany). He teaches all levels of Upledger and Barral courses internationally. He is also the Content Manager for the of the Barral-Institute Austria. He practices Physiotherapy in Lübeck and is happily married man and father of 3 children.

Robert Boltuch


Dr. Rob Boltuch graduated magna cum laude from Duke University and attended medical school at University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. He completed his internship at Southeastern Medical Center in North Miami Beach and his residency in Osteopathic Medicine at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. During his internship, Dr. Rob met Dr. Upledger and became his first associate in 1986 shortly after the formation of Upledger Institute International. He treated patients alongside Dr. John and taught CranioSacral Therapy classes for three years before entering private practice in family practice, osteopathic manipulation and sports medicine.

Dr. Rob is presently on the faculty of Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine, and regularly lectures and trains students and residents. He particularly enjoys his role as ringside physician with The Florida Boxing Commission, and is on the Board of Directors of the Association of Ringside Physicians.

In his spare time, Rob loves horticulture, golf, and weight training. He is happily married to his wife Sintra, with two sons, Andrew and Jonathan.

Dr. Rob has recently rejoined the Upledger Institute Clinic and participated as Medical Director in The Ricky Williams Concussion Pilot Program.

Nikki (Campbell) Kenward


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Nikki came to the Upledger world from a long career in the theatre as a dancer, community dance artist working in mental health, prison education and learning disabilities and finally as an Artistic Director creating multi-sensory theatre. Always fascinated by the body and facilitating process, Nikki took to CST like a duck to water and has private practices in Marlow and London as well as teaching and examining internationally for the Upledger Institute. She specializes in Paediatrics and PTSD. Nikki is currently exploring the recent research on the Enteric Nervous System or The Second Brain and its applications to Upledger CST. Nikki is also an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, yoga therapist and published poet. In her spare time she loves dance, theatre and spending time with her two grown up children and her husband.

Nikki is an Upledger CranioSacral Therapy Certification Examiner at the Techniques and Diplomate Level, as well as a Certified Upledger Institute Instructor for CranioSacral Therapy 1, CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics 1 and 2, Sensory Integration for CranioSacral Therapists and Clinical Application of CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics.

Sheela Chokshi


Sheela Chokshi, M.D. completed her Internal Medicine training in 1990 and joined a group practice in 1991. In 1998, she started authenticating her Integrative Medicine approach by attending programs and workshops at Harvard Medical School in Boston. In 2007 she completed a two-year Integrative Medicine fellowship at the University of Arizona under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Weil. In 2009, she completed training in Medical Acupuncture for Physicians course from Stanford University in California. In 2013 she became a licensed massage therapist. She is currently the Physician Leader of the Integrative Medicine Program that she helped established in 2004 at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) in Tampa Florida . Over the past ten years, the program at TGH has grown significantly, providing Integrative Medicine care to Cardiac and Lung Transplant patients, Trauma, Burn and Post-Surgery patients, patients recovering in Rehabilitation Unit as well as Pediatric patients. She has given multiple presentations in the community and for an array of allied health professionals.

Tracey Etelson

Tracey Etelson joined the Upledger team in 2013. She brings 37 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience specifically for the development of new projects. She received her B.S. in business and her MBA with a concentration in finance from SMU. She has successfully launched, built and sold enterprises in transportation, education and arts as well as served on several Not for Profit boards. She owns a Montessori teacher training institute and an educational consulting business. Tracey most recently participated in the Concussion Pilot Program as a behind the scenes coordinator. She is presently the Director of the Dr. John E. Upledger foundation. Tracey oversees the IAHP Medallion Membership program, Upledger Institute Clinic, and various other projects under development.

Sally Fryer


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Sally Fryer earned degrees in Child Development from San Diego State University and Physical Therapy from the University of California at San Francisco and is licensed in both Texas and California. She is currently a doctorate student at UTMB in Galveston, working on her DPT in Pediatric Physical Therapy. She is Diplomate Certified in CranioSacral Therapy as well as certified in Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing (SIPT), Interactive Metronome and several listening programs. Sally founded Integrative Pediatric Therapy (IPT) in the Dallas area, with a vision for helping children establish a strong foundation for development and growth. With over 34 years of experience, she saw a desperate need for integrated therapies (Pediatric Physical, Speech & Occupational therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, and more) designed to meet children’s individual needs. Sally’s reputation is well known in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and throughout the United States. She is invited to speak regularly at private and public schools, parent support groups, parent organizations, teacher in-services, and professional organizations, locally, nationally, and internationally. Sally and her team of therapists treated the formerly conjoined Egyptian twin boys, Ahmed and Mohammed using CranialSacral Therapy along with Sensory Integration based Physical and Occupational Therapy and the Interactive Metronome. Sally was born in Berkeley, California and pursued her education at the University of California San Francisco, San Diego State University and Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She moved to Dallas, TX in 1990 and opened IPT in 1994. She has two sons, Alex who is a trained as a Medic in the Military and Max who is a business major at Loyola Marymont University in Los Angeles, California.

Maria Eugenia Garcia Cifuentes


Maria Eugenia has been studying CranioSacral Therapy with Upledger Institute International since 2008 and sponsors CST training programs in her home country of Colombia.

Tami Goldstein


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Tami A. Goldstein is Certified in CranioSacral Therapy and Massage. Ten plus years' experience as advocate, speaker, educator & facilitator of CST to individuals with autism. NCBTMB approved CEU provider for Applications of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, Massage & Bodywork for Autism. International award winning author of "Coming Through the Fog." And a contributing author, Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism.

Tim Hutton


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Tim Hutton LMP, Ph.D., CST-D is a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Bellingham, Washington and has been in private practice doing CranioSacral Therapy since 1994. He is certified in CranioSacral Therapy at the Diplomate level (CST-D) and teaches a variety of courses in CranioSacral Therapy for the Upledger Institute. Tim is also the ombudsperson for the CST Immune Response curriculum. Tim has a Ph.D. in Physics from Rice University and, before beginning his career in health care, worked as a research physicist at MIT.

Markus Koch

Markus Koch comes from a blue collar background and has always enjoyed hands-on work. In 1982 he received an athletic scholarship to play football and attended Boise State University. In 1986 he was drafted by the Washington Redskins with the 30th overall pick. He had a six year career in the NFL with Washington ('86 - '91) and was part of two Superbowl Championship teams. After retiring from professional football in 1991 Markus worked as a carpenter and boat builder in Port Townsend, Washington. As the fallout from numerous football injuries set in, including a lumbar spinal fracture and numerous concussions, Markus became very interested in alternative medicine, meditation and yoga, which all played critical roles in his recovery process. He chose these modalities because he wanted to actively participate in his own wellbeing. His experiences of healing and transformation, without invasive surgeries or the long term use of pharmaceuticals inspired him to explore further. Markus became qualified as a licensed health care professional in 2012 and he is now a practicing CranioSacral Therapist.

Markus is passionate about helping others find empowering ways to work with difficult physical, emotional and mental conditions. His experiences with the Upledger Institute have inspired him to help identify and network with other organizations interested in effective, low cost, sustainable health care.

Markus currently lives in Chelsea, Michigan with his wife Amy. In addition to his healthcare practice, his other interests include sailing, surfing, woodworking, writing and fine art.

Ken Koles

Ph.D, LAc, DSc

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Ken developed CranioSacral Therapy and Oriental Medicine in his private practice and as an instructor with the Cleveland Healing Arts Institute. His Oriental Medicine education started in the early 1970's with the martial arts teachers and included studies in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His studies in CranioSacral Therapy started in 1979 and continued with Dr. John Upledger until his death in 2012. Ken has taught and lectured at the college and graduate levels as well as at national and international conferences on health.

Susan Kratz


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Susan has extensive background knowledge in the general practice of OT as well as specializing in neurological rehabilitation and pediatrics. Sue holds the following certifications: Sensory Integration (and administration of SIPT); Neuro-Developmental Therapy (NDT) for pediatrics; CranioSacral Therapy (advanced practitioner); The Listening Program® from The Advanced Brain Institute, a music-based sound therapy program that has been clinically proven to improve auditory & listening skills.

Along with clinical work, Susan has been active in workshop presentations, professional consultations, college teaching, and research. Sue presents the ShareCare curriculum for Upledger Institute International and regularly acts as a teaching assistant in training of other professionals. In addition, Sue is often an invited lecturer or guest author.

Gert Groot Landeweer


Physical therapist and heath practitioner, practicing in own private office; diplomat level in osteopathy and Upleder CST, training in different manual therapies and transactional analysis; teacher in CST, osteopathy and specialized CMD-Treatment; founder of UI-Germany, BI-Germany and OGD (osteopathic association Germany); married, father of three children, living with wife and stepson in Vörstetten a small town north of Freiburg.

Kate Mackinnon


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Kate Mackinnon is a Diplomate certified Craniosacral Therapist and a licensed Physical Therapist in both California and the UK with a busy clinical practice in Livermore, California. She is the author of From my Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy (Hay House 2013).

Diego Maggio


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Dr. Diego Maggio graduated in Osteopathic Medicine from Westminster University London UK, in 2007. He started studying CranioSacral Therapy in 1994. In his clinic the treatments involves both anatomical physiological and somatoemotional techniques. His patients range from pregnant women to elderly people.

He is the president of Upledger Italy (UII), which he founded in 1996.

Dr. Diego Maggio worked with Dr. Upledger on patients in many occasion and has been his assistant several times.

Carol McLellan


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Carol McLellan CST-D has a 30-year background in health education and bodywork - over 25 of which have focused on CranioSacral Therapy. She is a CranioSacral Therapy Instructor for Upledger Institute International, teaching nationally and internationally. Mrs. McLellan was invited by Dr. Upledger to develop the curriculum for CranioSacral Therapy for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, of which she is Ombudsman. She has helped facilitate the BioAquatic Discoveries for Pediatrics. In addition, Ms. McLellan is a doula (labor coach), Doula educator and a Childbirth educator. She spent a number of years working at a hospital fro a group of OB-gyns. She has taught CST in hospitals and multiple medical facilities. She taught CST at the American College of Midwives National conference. Carol was able to facilitate two intensives for Warrior Stress at Naval Air Station in Lemoore, California. She is the owner of a wellness center in Visalia, California and a member of the Board of Governors of San Joaquin Valley College. Carol has three grown children, all of whom have received the benefit of CST their entire lives. Two of her children received their first CST treatment inutero, the optimum way to start life!

Chas Perry


Kat Perry


With a BA in Philosophy, Chas began his studies in cranial osteopathy and somatic psychology in 1972 and received his Ph.D. in Psychology. He joined Upledger Institute International (UII) in 1994, as an international teacher and clinician. At Upledger Institute International Healthplex Clinic in Florida he participated with Dr. Upledger in the Intensive Programs, including the landmark Intensive Program for Viet Nam vets with PTSD.

At UI, he was active in assisting Dr. Upledger in courses and program development, specifically the BioAquatic classes and Dolphin Assisted Therapy. Chas teaches the advanced level classes for UI, Clinical Applications and is the UI Steward for the Trauma Recovery Programs. Chas is working with Integrative Intentions in close affiliation with the Upledger Institute International teaching and team leading CST based Comprehensive Therapy Programs including Dolphin Assisted Therapy Programs, nationally and internationally. Chas is also an examiner for the CST Techniques and Diplomate Certification Programs.

Kat Perry has been involved in the Upleger Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs and BioAquatic water workshops since 2000. She is a UII instructor and facilitator in the BioAquatic Exploration classes, a primary therapist, therapy team coordinator and administrator in the Dolphin Assisted Therapy Programs. Kat owns and manages Integrative Intentions, LLC, a company specializing in coordinating CST based Comprehensive Therapy Programs, Therapist retreats and aquatic workshops in the US and around the globe.

Karyn Quraishy


Karyn Quraishy, MSPT, CST. Karyn has been a pediatric physical therapist for over 20 years and since 2006 she has worked in a level III NICU in Southern California. She is NDT certified in pediatrics, a certified CranioSacral Therapist, and received the Neonatal Touch and Massage Certification. Karyn has also earned the Developmental Care Specialist Designation from the National Association of Neonatal Nurses. She has published a protocol for swaddle bathing and was a Clinic Coordinator for a High Risk Infant Follow Up program for over 6 years. In her spare time she is the owner of The Body Network, a private practice in San Diego, dedicated to Craniosacral Therapy for infants and children. She is married with two amazing children.

Thomas Rasmussen


Thomas has a Ph.D. degree in medical science and has worked with medical science and evidence based medicine since 1994. Thomas has been a leading scientist publishing many studies in international journals. Thomas owns a private clinical practice that addresses a broad spectrum of needs using Barral's and Upledger's modalities.

Amy Rinkevich


Amy Rinkevich RN practiced traditional pediatric nursing after receiving a BSN from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill until discovering CranioSacral Therapy in 2000. Since that time she has studied advanced CST and has a private practice in Tampa Florida where she sees a wide range of clients with a specialty in pediatrics. In 2008 she joined the Integrative Medicine Program at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) and has been instrumental in bringing CranioSacral therapy to many areas within the hospital including Neuro ICU, Rehabilitation units and more recently NICU. Her role at TGH, in addition to practicing CST, includes staff education to incorporating CST as a integrative modality. Amy also teaches therapeutic yoga and is a certified Infant Massage instructor.

Melinda Roland

M.A., P.T., L.Ac., O.M.D., Dipl-Ac, CST-D

Melinda Roland M.A., P.T., L.Ac., O.M.D., Dipl-Ac, CST-D, holds a B.A. in Psych from UCSB, an M.A. in Physical Therapy from Stanford U., and a doctorate in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. In addition, she has studied extensively with the internationally known homeopath, Ananda Zaren. Mentored by Dr. John Upledger, Melinda has taught internationally for Upledger Institute International since 1988 and has been in private practice since 1977.

Known for evaluation and treatment of pediatric and adult complex cases, common complaints treated include pain symptoms, headache, TMJ, trauma, GI complaints, low back/neck discomfort, torticollis, developmental delays, autism and learning difficulties, among many others.

She describes her work and the teaching of CST as her contribution toward a peaceful world. "Each person we treat, teach, or touch in turn touches another. As we achieve peace and balance within ourselves, our outer world will reflect that peace."

Ken Salyer


Dr. Salyer received his medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 1962 and performed a general-surgery residency at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. He completed a surgical fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern School of Medicine, Department of Surgery, and performed his plastic surgery residency at the University of Kansas School of Medicine on an award from the National Institutes of Health. In 1969, Dr. Salyer became the first Chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He entered private practice in 1979 and has continued to maintain his commitment to teaching and research into the treatment of cleft lip and palate, bone replacement and regeneration, as well as craniofacial anomalies, and has made an active contribution to academic and research activities in the field.

Dr. Salyer established the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas in 1986, serving more than 13,000 patients from every state in the United States and more than seventy-five countries around the world. The World Craniofacial Foundation was organized in Dallas by Dr. Salyer in 1989 to help children with craniofacial deformities and to give them a better start in life by providing the life-changing surgery they deserved.

Mariann Sisco


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Mariann Sisco PT, CST-D is a practicing physical therapist of over 30 years. In addition to maintaining a private practice, Mariann is a Certified Instructor for the Upledger Institute teaching Craniosacral Therapy Internationally. She also shares her knowledge of Visceral Manipulation as a Certified Presenter for the Barral Institute. Mariann's experience also includes serving as a staff clinician working alongside Dr. Upledger at the Upledger Healthplex Clinic in Florida. Mariann's broad range of clinical experience, post graduate education and entertaining teaching style make her a sought after instructor in both the clinical and classroom settings.

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana


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Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, C.M.T., C.S.T.-D. has been teaching and mentoring in the area of conscious awareness and its relationships to the healing process for over twenty years. Since 1986, she has been a certified instructor of CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release training with the Upledger Institute, nationally and internationally, currently teaching CAAD, CACS, CASR, CS1, CS2, CSIR and SER1.

She is author of the highly acclaimed book, "Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen To Your Body's Wisdom" as well as several other works, including the chapter "Developing Therapeutic Presence", within Complementary Therapies and Wellness: Practice Essentials for Holistic Healthcare and numerous articles for Massage Magazine.

She is expert at teaching the integration of right and left brain knowing, and what it takes to feel fully alive in today's world.

Tad Wanveer


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Tad Wanveer, LMBT, CST-D, has been specializing in CranioSacral Therapy since 1993. Mr. Wanveer is a certified Upledger Institute Instructor and the developer of "CranioSacral Therapy Touching The Brain 1. Stimulating Self-Correction Through The Glial Interface. (CTTB1)." Tad has been published in several periodicals; has illustrated various works written by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM; is the creator of "In Motion. An Animated Exploration Of The Craniosacral Rhythm;" was an Upledger Institute Clinic staff therapist from 2001-2006; and currently has a private practice specializing in CranioSacral Therapy in Cary, North Carolina, USA.

Tad has written a number of articles on CST for "Massage Today" and "Massage Magazine." His most recent article, "How CranioSacral Therapy May Contribute to Brain Health," is the cover story in "Massage Magazine, September 2014," which is accompanied by, "6 Ways CranioSacral Therapy Facilitates Brain Health," online at" Mr. Wanveer is the author and illustrator of the soon-to-be-published book, "Brian Stars. Glia Illuminating CranioSacral Therapy."