"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Dear Friends,

This past year has been filled with many nostalgic memories and emotions from sad to joyful as we've adjusted to the loss of my father. We've heard from friends around the globe and are very grateful for the outpouring of love and support we have received.

My Dad's energy, intellect and enthusiasm for life and work have always been very inspiring to me. He was never one to "watch" change happen; he lived, as Gandhi suggested, "the change he wished to see in the world."

Known by most as Dr. John, he was willing to be scrutinized and criticized by some for his beliefs, and for breaking through established professional boundaries to get CranioSacral Therapy "out there" accessible to the people who could benefit most from it. He understood that the techniques he developed could be ably performed by qualified bodyworkers, physical therapists, dentists, chiropractors, and the many other hands-on healthcare practitioners who serve large numbers of people, of all socioeconomic standings.


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Results from The Ricky Williams Concussion Pilot Project Are Dramatic

Sally Fryer, DPT, CST-D, SIPT Certified, Melinda Roland MA, PT, LAc, OMD, Dipl-Ac, CST-D, and George Visger, BS, Wildlife Biologist, TBI Consultant, National Football League Athlete (Retired) did a Poster Presentation showing the results from The Ricky Williams Concussion Project (conducted at the Upledger Institute).

The Poster Results were prepared by Gail Wetzler, PT, DPT, EDO, BI-D. The Poster Presentation was at the 4th Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference in California.

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  • "Excellent course material. The more you learn, the more you want to go further."
    - D.J., Brevard, NC at SER1
  • "The deeper I get into this subject matter, the more intense and interesting it becomes."
    - S.J., Pisgah Forest, NC at SER1
  • "This work is transformative and allows for growth!"
    - J.P., Smithfield, VA at SER1
  • "It changed my life. Tim released an energy cyst from my chest that was there since I was 8 years only & had lost my dog (she died) - since having it released my heart palpations (that began when I was 13 y.o.) have subsided and I can breathe much better."
    - T.C., Hendersonville, NC at SER1
  • "I've never felt such safety and acceptance in a community of students where I could soften more and deepen into the wisdom and knowledge of the information."
    - J.L., Bogart, AB at SER1
  • "All of my Upledger Institute experiences have benefited me not only professionally but through personal healing as well."
    - B.B., Brevard, NC at SER1
  • "All teachers through Upledger have a wealth of information."
    - T.L., Winston Salem, NC at SER1
  • "SER provides the opportunity to practice being present and neutral where healing for self and others occur."
    - E.P., Horse Shoe, NC at SER1